Protect Your Family from

Radon Risks.

Southeastern Minnesota’s unique geology makes it a hotbed for radon gas. Unfortunately, radon is impossible to detect without equipment, since it is both odorless and colorless.Using specialized diagnostics, FloCore’s indoor air quality experts provide affordable radon mitigation methods to keep your home and family safe.

What Is Radon & Why Should I Worry?

Minnesota has widespread low-grade uranium in its soil and rock. When uranium decays, it forms radium, which turns into radon through further decay. Radon is a radioactive gas that enters homes through foundation cracks, crawlspaces, floor drains, sump pumps, pipes, and other structural openings. Building to dangerous levels over time, it causes thousands of deaths each year and is linked to many health problems. In fact, radon gas is second only to smoking as a leading cause of lung cancer.

Mitigation Services.

FloCore’s certified radon mitigation specialists use state-of-the-art digital technology to analyze indoor air quality and assess radon levels. If this deadly gas is present in your home, our team will customize a plan for radon mitigation and to protect occupants from exposure.

For your peace of mind, our team makes the radon mitigation process simple and affordable. Our radon mitigation expertise includes:

  • AirAdvice Indoor Air Analysis™
  • Duct, sump pump, crack & perimeter sealing
  • Home pressurization
  • Radon mitigation system installation & service
  • Third-party radon testing

Olmsted County has been designated a “High Radon Potential Zone.”

According to recent reports, more than half of tested homes in the county exceeded EPA radon recommendations. FloCore’s radon mitigation services protect your health. Dial 507.424.5723 to schedule a radon test today!

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