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Indoor Air Quality.

Your home’s air is not as clean as you might think. Instead, it is polluted each day by emissions from building materials, home furnishings, floor coverings, tobacco smoke, household cleaners, personal care products, radon, pesticides, and outdoor air contaminants that filter in through doors, windows, and vents. Found in the air and on indoor surfaces, these contaminants can wreak havoc on your home and health.

Indoor Air Quality Products.

After isolating indoor air pollutants, our specialists customize a plan to correct your home’s air quality and lower your chances of respiratory distress and health problems with custom indoor air quality solutions. Tailoring each solution to your budget, comfort, and health requirements, the FloCore team uses the results of your air quality analysis to recommend custom indoor air quality products.

Partnering with industry-leading manufacturers, we install and service the following indoor air quality products:

  • Whole-house purification & filtration systems
  • UV germicidal lights
  • Aeroseal duct sealing systems
  • Carbon monoxide detection
  • Radon testing & mitigation
  • Humidifiers & dehumidifiers

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AirAdvice-certified, the FloCore team is equipped with the technology and training to solve all types of indoor air quality problems. Our state-of-the-art indoor air quality product lines help to balance humidity, purify the air, and remove dangerous contaminants from your environment. To find out more or request an indoor air analysis, dial 507.424.5723 or email our team today!

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