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Did you know that a typical six-room home generates 40 pounds of dust per year? With all that debris circulating through your heating and cooling system, your air ducts need a hand to stay clean and keep your family healthy. Flocore is up for the challenge. With over four decades of industry experience, Flocore’s certified technicians can provides comprehensive air duct cleaning services to improve your health, comfort, and heating and cooling bills.

flocore-mark-250xThe Benefits of Duct Cleaning by FloCore

There are few things more important than the air your family breathes. Regular duct cleaning can provide a multitude of benefits to your home beyond energy efficiency. Contaminated air ducts can breed unhealthy allergens, mold, fungi, odors and bacteria. Families living with infants, elderly, multiple pets or smokers are at especially high risk. Don’t wait any longer! Flocore’s expert team of technicians can begin delivering superior indoor air quality to your home right away.

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