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Frequently Asked Questions.

How does Aeroseal duct sealing work?

First, FloCore technicians conduct a pre-seal leakage test to provide a baseline for measuring progress. Then, we block all registers and spray UL-approved aerosol into the ventilation system. This sealant material deposits itself at leaky areas since it cannot drift out the vents. Our indoor air performance specialists use a computer and sensors to measure and control the sealant process, which is endorsed by the EPA. After completing the sealant application, we conduct a post-seal test to compare to the baseline and measure improvements. When the process is complete, we provide you with documentation so you have a record of all energy-efficient home improvements. Learn more about duct sealing services here.

How long will Aeroseal duct sealants last?

Rigorous tests indicate that Aeroseal lasts more than a decade without failing.

Is Aeroseal safe for my family?

Aeroseal’s sealant material is comprised of 65 percent water, and two chemicals: vinyl acetate polymer (VAP) and 2-ethyl-1 hexanol (2E1H). VAP has been used in water-based paints, chewing gum, and hairspray. It has no OSHA Exposure Limit. 2E1H is an industrial solvent that OSHA does not consider toxic in any way. Research has shown no ill effects after long-term exposure to concentrations of 200 ppm.

How much will I save on my utility bill if I invest in Aeroseal duct sealing?

While figures vary based upon the type of home and HVAC system you own, along with your HVAC usage habits and your home’s condition and design, government reports indicate that high-quality duct sealing services deliver up to $850 in annual energy savings. Some Aeroseal homeowners have reported savings of up to 40 percent on utility bill. Learn more about the benefits of Aeroseal duct sealing here.

Do you provide third-party radon testing?

Yes! If you’ve had a radon system installed and want an outside opinion of whether it is working properly, we are happy to act as an unbiased third party to measure radon levels and determine if mitigation was successful.

What do you do if you find radon in my home?

Depending upon radon levels, we may recommend installing a mitigation system or sealing sump pumps, cracks, and home perimeters. Rest assured, we will come up with solutions that are cost-effective and practical.

I feel fine. Why do I need radon testing?

Southeast Minnesota – and specifically Olmsted County – has been designated as a “High Radon Potential Zone.” Many homeowners in our area have radon in their homes and basements. You can’t see or smell radon, and it may not cause symptoms in the short-term. However, keep in mind that there is no “safe” level of radon. It is a dangerous gas that is believed to be the second-leading cause of lung cancer. The National Academy of Sciences estimates that 15 to 20 thousand Americans die annually due to radon-related lung cancer. It’s nothing to mess with—and it’s worth the investment to keep yourself and your family safe.

Can you make my home more energy efficient?

Absolutely! Indoor air performance impacts more than your health. It can have a notable impact on energy efficiency. Improving airflow and blocking air leaks enhances indoor comfort, lowers utility bills, and safeguards the performance of your HVAC equipment. In addition, your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard when airflow is efficient, so its lifespan is extended.

Who benefits from indoor air quality testing and correction?

Sometimes called “Sick Building Syndrome,” poor indoor air quality is a real health concern—and professional IAQ testing and correction is a wise choice for any individual, family or business. Identifying and removing chemical contaminants, allergens, and other pollutants from your indoor environment can improve overall health and respiratory symptoms. If you are dealing with immune conditions, asthma, allergies, or chronic respiratory distress, it is especially important to analyze and address indoor air quality issues. In addition, FloCore often recommends IAQ testing for the following groups:

  • Homes with visible levels of dust coming from vents.
  • Homes with infants, children, or elderly occupants.
  • Homes housing multiple pets.
  • Homes with water damage or potential mold growth.
  • Homes that have built up excessive amounts of dust due to renovation or construction.
  • Homes suffering from animal infestation in ductwork and vents.

Why should I worry about indoor air quality?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranks indoor air quality as one of the top five environmental concerns to public health. Minnesota homes are often are closed up and there is limited opportunity for outdoor air exchange, so indoor contaminants can take a toll on health. This is especially concerning given that today’s population spends an average of 90 percent of their time indoors.

What is indoor air quality?

Abbreviated “IAQ,” indoor air quality is the quality of air in your indoor environment. Unfortunately, indoor air quality has deteriorated over the years due to a number of factors. First, homes are now built tighter and more efficiently, which locks in contaminants and doesn’t allow buildings to “breathe.” In addition, we are purchasing more manmade furnishings, floor coverings, and home products, many of which are made with chemicals that off-gas into our environment. We also use chemical cleaners and pesticides, which add to poor indoor air quality.

What is indoor air performance?

Indoor air performance refers to the way conditioned air flows throughout a building’s ductwork and ventilation system, and the way in which air flow and indoor temperatures impact an occupant’s productivity and comfort. FloCore specializes in repairing leaky ducts and analyzing the efficiency of your home’s airflow. It is our goal to make you more comfortable, and save you money on utility bills.

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes! Our team of indoor air performance specialists will visit your home and provide a free quote for indoor air quality correction equipment or radon mitigation systems. We also offer very affordable indoor air analysis and radon testing so you have the information you need to protect your family and make an educated decision about IAQ services.

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