Benefits of Partnering with FloCore.

FloCore’s indoor air quality service line is a wise investment that benefits home and business owners in a range of ways, including energy efficiency, health, and climate control.

Improved HVAC Efficiency & Climate Control.

Aeroseal’s proven air duct diagnostics and sealing systems find and repair costly energy leaks, resulting in lower utility bills. In addition, when conditioned air flows freely through your home’s ventilation system—without being slowed by leaks and dirty filters—you’ll be more comfortable.

FloCore professionals can also address your humidity problems (too much or too little). Proper humidity plays a role in perfecting indoor climate and tempering symptoms like dry throat, painful sinuses, and itchy skin—which are prevalent during SE Minnesota’s winter season. After evaluating your home and comfort preferences, FloCore balances humidity levels to achieve optimal results.

Improved Health.

While many of us are worried about outdoor pollution, studies show that indoor air quality has a major impact on overall wellness.

Consider these facts:

Top 5

Health Risks

Indoor air pollution has been ranked among the top five environmental health risks, according to the EPA.


Of Time Spent Indoors

Contrary to years ago, Americans now spend an average of 90 percent of their time indoors—breathing polluted indoor air.

Problems Magnified

In Closed Up Homes

Indoor air quality problems are magnified when homes are closed up during Minnesota weather extremes.

Infants & Children

More Susceptible to Impact

Infants and children are more susceptible to the impact of poor indoor air quality because they take in a greater volume of air per pound than adults, and their organ systems are still developing.

Hire Pros

To Clean Ventilation Systems

The EPA recommends that people hire professional duct cleaners if animal infestations, mold, or insects are found in your ventilation system—or if you notice visible dust coming from registers.

FloCore indoor air performance specialists are concerned about your family’s health and wellbeing.

Identifying indoor pollutants and recommending affordable mitigation, we offer a variety of proven solutions to your indoor air quality problems.

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