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Reinventing Indoor Air Performance.

Founded upon four decades of industry experience, FloCore provides comprehensive indoor air performance services that help you breathe easier, save money, and enjoy year-round comfort.

Prevent Energy Waste.

Indoor air performance impacts energy use, utility bills, and HVAC maintenance or replacement costs. When your home moves air efficiently, heating and cooling systems don’t have to work as hard. That means they will run stronger and last longer. Unfortunately, complications like clogged ducts, leaky ducts, poor airflow, and dirty filters can be a costly problem.

Proven processes like duct cleaning, duct sealing, and IAQ correction help to eliminate indoor contaminants, control humidity levels, and decrease air loss. FloCore provides sustainable solutions that reduce energy waste, prolong equipment lifespan, and deliver welcome savings on heating and cooling bills.

IAQ & Health.

There are few things as important as the air you breathe. While most people know that there are potentially high levels of carcinogens and pollutants outside, many don’t realize that contaminants invade our indoor air, too. FloCore offers comprehensive testing of your indoor air and customized IAQ recommendations to safeguard your health and deliver peace of mind.

Southeastern Minnesota's Top Indoor Air Quality Company - FloCore.
Affiliations & Certifications.

FloCore partners with industry leaders and manufacturers committed to solving indoor air performance problems efficiently and cost effectively.

AirAdvice, Inc.

FloCore partners with AirAdvice, Inc. to identify indoor air quality problems in Twin City homes. Once these issues have been identified, our team can solve those problems with proven IAQ correction products and services.

Air Advice - Healthy Air Starts Here. Contact FloCore Today.

FloCore is a certified Aeroseal dealer/installer. This patented duct diagnostics and sealing process helps homeowners save money while enjoying improved indoor comfort. Learn more at aeroseal.com.

Trust the Indoor Air Quality Experts.

FloCore’s IAQ specialists are trained and qualified to assess not only the quality of your indoor air, but also the efficiency of your airflow. Recommending the latest and most cost-effective methods for IAQ correction, we educate customers about healthy, energy-efficient home air performance.

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